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hiii, you can call me lex

you know the people that are constantly juggling multiple lines of work, passions, etc.? consider me some version of a social media managing-content creating-music blogging-artist?? Yeah, that's me.


I got my start in music long before my bachelors degree and fashion came some time amidst all of that (if you knew me in high school, no you didn't). I graduated from the university of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2019 with a degree in digital marketing (+ an art minor). I got my start in social media management and content creation immediately after. looking back it seems everything just fell into place, but the first 2 years after college consisted of finding my niche, working my a$$ off, and ultimately growing my confidence in multiple areas. I could tell that story, the ups and downs, the opened and closed doors, but I'll save that for another time. Here's where I'm at in the present..


I take my love for fashion, music + digital art & bring not only my personal brand, but the brand's of small businesses (+ bands) to the next level. if it's not aesthetic (or a bit silly), it sure as hell isn't my work. I put my heart + soul in it all (even though, I sold my soul a long time ago). Think we'd be a good fit? contact me. orRR Check out my playlists. anything except be a stranger.


xx Lex ♡

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