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gifting ideas: alt-ish + beyond (2023)

This season feels like it came out of nowhere, faster than it typically does. Not me unable to keep the days straight, but then shocked at how fast time flies. ANYWAYS. Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, just because, whatever.. this list is a compilation of things I already own or have been gifted and LOVE, things that I have gifted to someone else, or items i just think would CRUSH as a gift.

Giving great gifts is a skill and my gift to you is helping you do just that no matter the occasion. Let's get into it.

1. Urban Decay Moondust - These Moondust Shadows have very quickly become one of my tried and true, favorite makeup products. They are SO glowy and can double as a highlight, which I have been doing in my makeup routine since I got them. If you were going to go with one, the Space Rider palette is god tier.

Space Rider - I own the shade Space Cowboy in this palette and it's 10/10.

Galactic Cowgirl - I don't own this palette or any of the individuals, but I need to.

2. Concert Earplugs - Protect your ears. Protect your friends and families ears. I personally think concert earplugs are a 10/10 gift. They come is so many fun colors and styles, there's a pair for everyone. They are also made for sleep and general overstimulation. I have owned multiple pairs of these. My favorites are the High Fidelity transparent plugs. (Code: CXBERLEX10 for $$ off)

3. Weighted Blanket (Black) - This gift speaks for itself. As someone who owns and uses a weighted blanket to fall asleep everyday, this is a GREAT one. Plus, this specific one is the best black option I've been able to find. It's a win.

4. Smeg Electric Kettle - Aesthetic kitchen appliances anyone? I do not have this, but will be buying it in the near future. It's a need. For the tea, oatmeal, ramen, etc. lovers.

5. Tea (Harney & Sons) - The hands down BEST tea + chai brand. No if, ands or buts. We love Harney & Sons in this household. Whether it's for a present or a stocking stuffer, their teas would make a lovely gift. ALSO. They were kind enough to give me a code if you choose to shop. Code: LEX for $$ off!

holiday gifting ideas

6. Dr. Martens (platforms) - It's no secret that I live in my docs. They're great for alt wear, concert attire, dressing up a casual fit, + more. I own a few pairs, but my favorite have to be the 1460 Pascal Max Leather Platform Boots. Anyone receiving these will lose it, no doubt.

7. Ardeo Harness - From the queen of 'lets get dressed' herself. I will own one (all) of these harnesses eventually. I have had my eye on them since Mrs. Sammi Jefcoate launched her brand a couple years ago. This alt icon does it right. Quality over quantity. I'm so here for it. A PHENOMENAL gift.

8. Perfume/Cologne - Always a gifting win. Make sure you know what the person you're buying for typically wears, likes, etc. If it's a shot in the dark, go with a travel size. A lot of places in store will also do a sample with the gift, so whoever is being gifted the perfume/cologne can test it before opening and committing to it. Highly recommend the two below:

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet - My FAVORITE as of the last 3 years. Floral and delicate.

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous - A cologne SO damn good I would buy it for myself. Seriously, this is 12/10.

9. Skull Decanter - The people on tiktok saying to use a cute decanter to level up your bathroom decor were right. Have that baby filled with some mouthwash and boom. Cute, aesthetic AND practical. (I fell for this and am happy I did.)

10. Concert/Festival Tickets - When in doubt, immediately Era's tour tix hahaha. I'm kidding. But also not really. I think I speak for any and all concert lovers when I say this gift is always top tier. As long as you know some of their favorite artists, you're good to go! Here are some of the upcoming tours in 2024 that I would love (and plan on) seeing:

Neck Deep, Silent Planet, Sick New World Fest (that lineup!!!), Noah Kahan, etc.

holiday gifting ideas

11. Steve Madden Eckers - Been raving about these platform sneakers since the day I got them. I own two pairs that I rotate at the moment. Great for dressing up or down. Definitely a solid pick for concerts and shows where a lot of movement is required. These would CRUSH as a gift.

12. Killstar Harness - A unique, white out style harness. I can't wait to style this piece again. It was ICONIC as a festival accessory this year. Highly recommend for the alt baby in your life.

13. Wellness/Fitness Classes (yoga, pilates, boxing, etc.) - Great for the person in your life who wants to try something new, but doesn't know where to start. OR is having a tough time taking the leap. Check out your local fitness studios and go from there. If you happen to be local to the Fox Valley (Wisconsin), I recommend Simply Yoga!

14. Bath Tray - I don't have one of these, but have been wanting to get a really nice collapsable one. I'm such a bath person and essentially all things self care. Being able to watch a show, have a drink, etc. all while sitting in the bath is HUGE. An awesome gift for anyone who enjoys similar experiences.

15. Candles + Soap Combo (Sparta Candle Co.) - The cutest small business based out in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Known on Tiktok for their Eras soap + candle renditions, they have blown up! Shipping times are a little longer because of it, but it's SO worth it. The vibes are so good here. The Thunderstorm scent is a fave.

holiday gifting ideas

16. Knee High Biker Boots (PLT) - Affordable platform boots. So cute and great for festivals/shows. I typically have inserts in when I wear mine since I need them to last all day, but they are still pretty comfy without! An alt staple.

17. Clothing with a Cause (EGOPROOF) - Mental health aligned brand, donating to select charities for each sale. Starting conversations and building a community through mental health awareness and authenticity. Hoodies, tees, prints, + more. Check them out!

18. Rings + Things (Metal Accessories)

Etah Love - I LOVE these pieces. I own 'Rosy Disposition,' 'Coven,' 'Tell No Tales,' 'Omen,' and 'Snakebite.' Highly recommend. Awesome quality sterling silver and the designs are EVERYTHING. The sister store of the one below.

Clocks and Colours - The more masculine take on Etah Love. The styles and concepts are very similar. Handmade for heavy metal hearts.

19. Records - To me, records as a gift are so wholesome. They are timeless and the gift of music in any form is really as special as it gets in my opinion. Obviously not everyone's thing, but still great, even if it's just for aesthetic/decorative purposes. Shop local + small businesses!

20. Vegan Candy + Chocolate

Sour Lemonade Jolly Rancher Gummies - These are the best vegan candies and no one can tell me otherwise. They F U C K. With a capital F. Get them.

Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - Another sweet treat favorite. They also come in milk chocolate (not vegan) and also there are almond butter options! Just get the dark chocolate peanut butter cups, they're the best.

holiday gifting ideas

I also have idea lists on my Amazon Storefront and more fashion forward ideas (clothing, shoes, concert pieces) on my LTK. If you need help or have any questions please feel free to email me. I love getting creative and crafting the perfect gift for loved ones. You have to do the wrapping though, sorry.

Happy you're here. Til next time.


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